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Welcome to the June issue of the COY16 Newsletter!
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About COY16

COY16 is the 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth.


Our Conference is organised by young people from all over the world. We are divided in 7 different Working Groups, and one overall Coordination Committee which has representatives from each Working Group in it. We are also joined by our implementing organizations: UKYCC, XR Youth, UK Youth for Nature, UKSCN, FFF Scotland, UNMGCY and YOUNGO that continue to accompany us and strengthen the efforts put forth by our organization.

Still going strong!

Since the beginning of June, COY16 has been raising funds for the organization of the Conference and the event itself, by collecting donations  through a Crowdfunding Campaign. The goal of raising 40 thousand british pounds is an ambitious and difficult task, yet volunteers from around the world have been sharing and promoting it non stop!


Although we find ourselves far from our goal, we still have hopes of raising more funds and making our Conference as big and inclusive as we can. 


Visit our Website and find out more about our Conference, the Volunteers behind it, our Crowdfunding Campaign and the rewards you will recieve if you donate!

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Working Groups Updates

As a Conference made by and for the youth of today, COY is made up of a diverse variety of essential Working Groups. These are divided into 7 Working Groups (WGs) in combination with one central Coordination Committee. COY16 volunteers work tirelessly on a daily basis to continuously raise the bar and build a Conference that both current and future generations can take pride in. 


TThe Finance Working Group spent the month promoting the financial security and stability of COY16 by securing a sponsorship deal with the company “Good Energy” and is continuing to engage in productive conversations and discussion with other potential sponsors. Additionally the Finance Working Group is proud to have worked on the COY16 Crowdfunding Project alongside the Communications Working Group.


Communications and Outreach

The Communications and Outreach Working Group has continued to work on and promote the Crowdfunding Campaign throughout the month of June. This effort has been done jointly with the Finance Working Group, with the intent to reach out to as many potential donors and as large an audience as possible through creating a network of collaborations across different platforms. The Working Group has also initiated a new informational series named “Chats with COY” with the intent to include as many voices as possible in all COY Platforms, as well as raise critical issues of importance for the Global Youth Movement on Sustainability.


Access and Inclusivity 

The Access and Inclusivity Working Group has been actively collaborating with the Programmes Working Group to ensure that the entirety of the COY16 Programme includes a diverse range of experts and activities. This will include a significant and diverse representation of minorities and marginalised groups. The Group has also been working together with the Logistics Working Group to identify and accommodate any accessibility needs for the venue. Both of these collaborative efforts will continue into the next month to ensure that the COY Team makes the final event as accessible and inclusive as possible. . 


During the month of June, the Logistics Working Group has been finalizing the agreement for the COY16 venue, as well as accommodation. The Team has recently secured 80 hostel beds, and continues to recruit hosts with regards to the ‘COP26 Homestay Network’.


The Programmes Working Group has been busy the past month working with the Global Affairs Unit (GAU) to support the collection of inputs for the Global Youth Statement, as well as the design process for the Global Youth Summit (GYS). The Working group has continued to connect with the YOUNGO Policy Team in order to coordinate the drafting process and how the COY16 Policy Statement will connect with global policymakers. These impact ideas and drafting are anticipated to begin in September. Following the ‘Expression of Interest’ submissions, the Team has now initiated the selection process with the acceptance letters expected to be sent out in the coming weeks. Lastly, the Team has adapted the COY Weekend Schedule to better align with the new COP26 start time and are planning to send out invitations to a collection of esteemed guests and speakers imminently.


Volunteer Coordination

Over the past month the Volunteer Coordination Working Group has been working diligently to support their fellow Working Groups in need of additional support. Additionally, plans for a United Kingdom COY Team “Weekend Away” have been recently delayed due to the continuation of lockdown restrictions in the UK. With that in mind, we invite you to join us on the 9th of July for a COY Social in London! Check the SLACK Channel for additional information. 


Global Affairs

This Working Group has been focused on administrative tasks. They selected the UK Coordinators Ameer and Fen who will be in charge of coordinating our efforts with their government. They are also moving forward with coordination efforts with the universities, organizations and embassies to commence the Statement of Youth effort for each nation.


Blog of the Month

Chats with COY: What are the SBs?


By Julieta Marino Tartaglino

Guest Heeta Lakhani and Marie-Claire Graf


The Children and Youth Constituency to United Nations Convention on Climate Change or YOUNGO is currently preparing for the upcoming COP26 and ensure the participation of all non-party stakeholders. In that spirit and in order to kick off the COY16 “Chats with COY” series on our social networks, we sat down with Heeta Lakhani and Marie-Claire Graf from YOUNGO to discuss the Subsidiary Bodies (SBs) and the process leading up to COP26.


As liaisons between the Youth and the United Nations Body, or Focal Points, both Heeta and Marie-Claire outlined the Subsidiary Bodies for Implementation, as well as Scientific and Technological Advice that have come together to prepare and advance the work of COP as well as identify alignments and unification efforts prior to the convening of COP. This year the negotiations are taking place virtually for three weeks to discuss issues in which COP will decide upon in the hope to identify a viable ‘Road to COP’ and what decisions and outcomes will result from COP26. These discussions will decide how ambitious the outcome of COP26 will be.


As the negotiations are still ongoing and on the road to COP and beyond, Heeta and Marie-Clarie urge the youth of the world to come together and joining YOUNGO to participate in an work towards various capacity building efforts, and engage in spaces toward the promotion of global climate justice. Additionally they recognized the importance of COY and COY16 as a mechanism to realize the demands and desires of the Global Youth in the fight for climate justice and environmental equity.


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