COVID19 & Your Safety

The COY16 team is determined to keep everyone safe during the conference, despite the ongoing pandemic. We will follow the latest guidance set out by the Scottish government at all times, which you can find here. Information on travel rules for in-person delegates can be found here. Please note that the Scottish rules are sometimes different from the rules of England and the rest of the UK.

During the conference, delegates will be asked to provide a negative COVID-19 test every day before entry. The team is working with NHS Scotland to ensure that these tests will be available to all. Further details will be shared to the delegates directly. Delegates will also be asked to wear a mask at all times while indoors.

A message from the team

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes organising an international conference a major challenge. The rules and regulations set out by the UK and Scottish government are there to ensure that people stay safe. COY16 fully expects everyone involved with COY to comply with those rules, as well as any rules in their home countries.


Still, it saddens us those same rules will mean that many young change makers will not be able to attend COY16 in person — in fact, some of our most active volunteers will themselves not be able to attend the conference they have worked so hard to organise. The unequal access to vaccines has worsened a problem that was always present: obtaining a visa and the right to enter many countries is much more difficult for the most marginalised and most vulnerable.


Nevertheless, we are committed  to making sure that COY16 will be as inclusive as possible within these major restrictions. We hope that digital participation in the virtual COY will allow young people to share their knowledge and have their voices heard, even if travel restrictions mean they cannot be present in Glasgow. For those who can make it to COY16, we are doing our best to ensure that the conference is safe, without losing the ability to connect with other young people from across the world.

We hope you stay safe and can continue to fight for climate justice.