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Encourage your university or organisation to create your own youth statement which will be part of the policy document produced during COY16. This output will be forwarded to the UN Climate Negotiations to officially represent the voice of the youth.

Share your ideas for the programme with us

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Do you have an idea in mind or proposal up your sleeve that you think is an absolute must-have feature for the COY16 programme? Share your idea with us! Simply fill in the form below.


The programme for COY16 is still being drafted. To help with this, the Programmes Working Group released a survey at the end of 2020. Within this survey, young people were given the opportunity to choose COY16 topics and activities, as well as express their ideas for COY16. This has given the Programme Working Group a better understanding of what the global youth would like COY16 to look, sound, and feel like.

In total, over 1,500 young people responded from across more than 120 countries. These results will be used to draft the baseline for the COY16 programme, ensuring that the conference can serve the interests of the youth and making it a productive and interesting conference for all.


The official COY16 programme layout will be released publicly in due course and will include a complete list of activities at the conference. To get an idea of the types of activities at COY16, please see the four main categories below.

The Voice of Youth

At COY16, a global youth statement or a youth policy document will be submitted to the UN Climate Change Conference through the COP Presidency for their consideration as they go into the meetings and negotiation process. This statement will be based on input from youth all across the globe, with young people of all nationalities and backgrounds, including indigenous and non-country affiliated groups. It will feature global youth demands and recommendations, as well as country-specific proposals from as many countries as are willing to contribute.

These national statements and proposals will be put together by youth from within each country. We encourage all youth environmental groups and educational institutions to create their own statement and set of proposals. These can then be submitted to be incorporated into their country’s national statement. Read on to find out how.

Any youth organization, school or university can submit their own youth statement.


Step Number 1: Download the Youth Statement Toolkit & Partnership Matrix

Step Number 2:  Fill out the Expression of Interest Form

Step Number 3: Submission
A few months before COY16, you will receive instructions on where and how to submit your Youth Statement

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