Virtual Conference of Youth

Be part of one of the biggest youth gatherings all around the world! 

(Meeting ID: 657 0646 5482 | Passcode: COY16)

The VCOY  will occur in parallel to the 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16), from the 28th to the 31st of October 2021. 


You will be able to register for online workshops or short talks on various topics. Registration for all sessions will open on Tuesday 26th October! Keep an eye on this as they might be booked out quickly.


VCOY will also offer livestreams, which are open for everyone! 

Check out the virtual platform, where the whole event will be streamed, run by our wonderful digital partner Equanet.

Please be aware that the

times are in BST (UTC+01:00)

What will be 


Besides the Opening and Closing Ceremonies which will be streamed live from the venue in Glasgow, we will also have our own plenaries every morning to get you started and explain to you what will go on during the day. 


To make it as inclusive as possible, you can participate wherever you are in the world! 


Translation will be provided in the plenaries but only in some of the workshops. 

Follow the rules

We will ensure the Conference is a safe online space, so follow our Code of Conduct on the Equanet website. 


It is pretty easy to find your way around, but please have a look at the website before the Conference starts to learn how it works and make the most out of it.

Enjoy the Conference

This event will serve as a space for capacity building and policy training to prepare young people for their participation at COP and their work in the fight against climate change. 


To make sure you enjoy VCOY to the fullest, we recommend you make yourself a schedule before and take breaks in between your sessions. 


We have amazing speakers and inspiring stories waiting for you to discover! And so will hundreds of other young climate advocates with you, whom you can meet and get in touch with through the social channels at our platform. 


If you create an account on Equanet you can also ask questions to others or share thoughts about the conference. 

DAY 1 | 28th October

DAY 2 | 29th October

DAY 3 | 30th October